We have a for developers

Dear developers: we want to make life easy for you and try to support you wherever we can.
A detailed documentation of our REST API can be found here: https://api.ibantest.com


We also provide you with the "PHP Client for the IBANTEST API" as OpenSource on GitHub. This allows you to implement IBANTEST in your application in a very short time. In the "example.php" you have many examples for the right API calls.

You can install the client via "Composer / Packagist":
$ composer require ibantest/ibantest-php

IBANTEST for WooCommerce

For the popular WordPress Shop "WooCommerce" we offer the "IBANTEST for WooCommerce" plugin with extensive functions.
The plugin adds the payment method "direct debit" to WooCommerce - of course with the possibility to check the IBAN and thus avoid incorrect bank direct debit.
We have described the exact range of functions here.

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