SEPA Direct Debit for WooCommerce

WooCommerce does not offer SEPA direct debit as payment method. For this functionality requires another plugin. "IBANTEST for WooCommerce" extends the Wordpress-Shop by the payment method "SEPA Direct Debit" and ensures that an order can only be placed with a valid IBAN.

For the fast and easy connection of IBANTEST to the Wordpress Shop "WooCommerce", we have developed the "IBANTEST for WooCommerce" Plugin with extensive functions.
The plugin adds the payment method "direct debit" to WooCommerce - of course with the possibility to check the IBAN and thus avoid incorrect bank direct debit.

Installation Guide and Plugin Configuration

After the plugin has been installed normally via the integrated plugin management, it still has to be installed. must be configured accordingly. Under WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payment there is a new sub-item "SEPA Direct Debit (IBANTEST)".

The displayed title and description text for "Direct debit" in the order process can now be adapted here. to be.
The input field for the IBANTEST API key is then located. Here is a valid key with available credits the IBANs entered are checked in the ordering process. Only with a valid IBAN can the order be processed. must be completed.

Encryption and SEPA creditor information

If the bank data entered by the user is to be stored encrypted in the database, the very easily possible. It just has to copy the displayed line and paste it into the wp-config.php file to be. From this point on, the bank data is stored in encrypted form.

In order to process direct debit payments correctly, the bank's creditor information can be entered. The creditor identification number is provided by the commercial bank to Registration for the SEPA Direct Debit Scheme awarded.

SEPA direct debit mandate

A SEPA direct debit mandate must be created for each direct debit. The relevant settings for this are can be set in this section.

Display shortened IBAN

If an IBAN is to be masked in the backend area, the corresponding selection can be made here. The IBAN is then displayed masked with * according to the settings.

Backend view of a WooCommerce direct debit order with SEPA-XML download

In the admin area of a WooCommerce order you will find additional information when paying by direct debit visible. In this way, any shortened IBAN is displayed and a SEPA XML download link for the direct debit at the Commercial bank.

API / Developer