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Examples: DE02600501010002034304 | AT021200000703447144 | CH0200700110000387896 | BE49487823386171


With our IBAN calculator you can have the IBAN and BIC calculated on the basis of the account number and bank sort code.

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The IBAN Validator is designed to validate and verify the accuracy of an International Bank Account Number (IBAN). It supports all SEPA countries and banks, but the possible test steps and thus the reliability of the result may differ per country.

Some national banks regularly provide official bank sort code lists and checking algorithms for account numbers. In Germany, for example, these lists are officially provided by the Bundesbank and updated every 3 months.

For the IBANs of these countries, more intensive checks can be carried out than for the IBANs of countries that do not provide this information.

Thanks to the information provided by the Bundesbank, German IBANs are subjected to a more extensive testing procedure by our system. In addition to the detailed examination of the IBAN syntax, also

The different test methods used are listed in detail below.

Please note that our applications cannot tell you whether the IBAN you entered actually exists at the bank or whether the account is covered. This information can only be given to you by the bank with which the account is maintained.